National Taiwan University College of Medicine

Basic Laser Medicine lecture


Teaching Plan

This Center not only engages in researches on optoelectronic-biomedicine, but also provides teaching, practice and training projects in optoelectronic-biomedicine. This Centre is currently offering elective class - Basis Laser Medicine, general knowledge course - New-Knowledge of Laser* inviting intramural, extramural and outside scholars to give lectures. Professor Lin and Professor Tseng deliver courses - Micro-Biophysics, and also support common courses respectively such as Introduction to Radiology, Image Diagnosis of Common Disease, Radiology & Practice, Internship in Radiology, Instrumental Analysis and Medical Imaging Systems. These courses are in line with the objectives and characteristics of the Centre for education.

*This course was recommended adjustments to common elective course through discussion of Center for General Education Committee. Professor Tsai decided to stop this course from 99-school-year in consideration of subjective and objective factors.